10 Souvenirs Worth Buying In Dubai

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It is impossible for you to leave Dubai without purchasing some souvenirs. Souvenirs are essential, as they remind us of all the beautiful and fun things and experiences Dubai is best known for. Dubai souvenirs back home will transport you back to your visit to the Burj Khalifa, the Dubai Fountain, and other wonderful experiences. However, picking the best mementos in Dubai might be a tricky proposition. Why, may you wonder? There are so many beautiful things to bring back home from the city. Dubai has much to offer guests, whether it is an abaya, a gold ring from the Gold Souk, or a uniquely designed carpet. Here are 10 souvenirs worth buying in Dubai.

10 Dubai Souvenirs That Are A Must Buy

1. Shawls & Scarfs

Pashmina shawls and scarves are an excellent method to make your mother happy at home. The finest handloom weavers weave these pashmina shawls and scarves from the purest sheep wool. They are also available in various patterns, including block prints, floral motifs, and monochrome. These woolen shawls will keep you warm over the winter while preserving your Arabian memories.

2. Dubai Gold Jewelry

You cannot help but notice Dubai’s habibis filled with gold and fancy watches. The Deira Gold Souk shops are world-famous for their gold purity and goods. Thus, take home the most beautiful gold ornament you can find in Dubai. This is a great souvenir or gift for yourself from Dubai. How affordable is gold in Dubai? You can check this page to know the gold rate in Dubai today.

3. Oudh and Bakhoor Essential Oil

Every shop you enter in Dubai may have a delightful and distinctive aroma. Nonetheless, it should be distinct from any conventional room freshener. This pleasant aroma is of the Oudh and Bakhoor, typical in any Arabian household. It has a pleasant aroma and might be used as a house scent. Thus, Arabian Oudh and Bakhoor are two more premium souvenirs you should take home with you. These premium aromas will remind you of your Arabian nights.

4. Carpets

If you frequently have get-togethers and parties, Persian rugs and carpets can be very valued décor pieces in your home. Everyone will envy your luxury choices once they see and feel your carpet. Handmade Persian rugs and flowery carpets can provide a beautiful touch to your home’s furnishings. Persian rugs are more expensive than carpets. They come in a variety of sizes and patterns. Anyone with any budget can find a carpet in Dubai and bring a significant magic carpet vibe back home.

5. Dried Dates

Dates are a staple fruit in UAE. It is high in nutrients. Dates can be purchased in various forms in Dubai, including dry, chocolate-dipped, caramelized, etc. Dates are a great snacking option. Dried dates are trendy in today’s diet and can help with digestive health.

6. Coffee and Brass Coffee Pot

Arabian coffee is the ideal type of remembrance if you enjoy drinking coffee. This keepsake is ideal for any vacationer who enjoys coffee. With each sip, the Arabian coffee has a beautiful aroma and virtually transports you to heaven. Brass coffee pots can be added to your souvenir list and coffee bag. It will provide an Arabian touch to your home-brewed Arabic coffee.

7. Arabic Lanterns

Lanterns can be a lovely souvenir for your home. They are handcrafted, and each artisan ensures that each design is distinct. These lanterns are available in various colors, sizes, and shapes. When you buy one, you can have it customized to your taste.

8. Spices

The Arabian delights are packed with spices and have a fantastic flavour. As a result, you will be lured to the spice markets. Arabian chillies, dried rosemary, ground turmeric, and many other items are available. They offer the finest rates on spices and condiments to travellers. Witnessing the vibrancy of these spice souks can also be a souvenir in and of itself.

9. Frankincense and myrrh

Frankincense is another unique gift found in Arabian holy places. If you know someone who enjoys expensive cigars, Frankincense can be a valuable gift. Frankincense is commonly used to treat asthma in traditional aromatic health therapies. You may also use it to perfume your home because of its pleasant aroma.

10. Camel Milk Chocolate

Camels are the UAE’s identifying animal and are helpful to the Arabians. Taking a Camel milk chocolate may be a one-of-a-kind way to recall these Arabian mammals. Although it may appear strange, camel milk chocolates are unique to Dubai and taste divine. Therefore, without further ado, go out and get a box of Camel milk chocolate for your home.


We hope you will love your souvenir collection journey in Dubai now that you know everything there is to know about Dubai’s souvenirs. Grab as many keepsakes as possible since they are too gorgeous to pass up. You will find a handful of souvenirs to take back home, even if you are low on budget.

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