Cashback credit card Vs Rewards credit card: Which one to Choose?


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DUBAI, UAE (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — When choosing a credit card, individuals often find themselves pondering between cashback credit cards and rewards credit cards. Indeed, it can be a tough call to make – after all, each variant comes with its unique features and advantages. Cashback credit cards offer a specified percentage of cashback on eligible spends that is credited to the cardholder’s account, while rewards credit cards allow cardholders to accumulate loyalty points that can be redeemed for rewards such as hotel stays and travel privileges.

Deciding whether one should choose a cashback or a rewards credit card depends on several factors like spending patterns and reward preferences. Hence, it is essential to understand one’s objectives for getting a credit card before making a decision.

Cashback Credit Card

Cashback credit cards typically offer customers a fixed percentage of monetary reward every time they use the card for transactions. The amount of cashback cardholders can earn depends on the earn rate and the cardholder’s spending. It is worth noting that some cashback cards even offer higher earn rates for specific categories like groceries or online shopping. Hence, it is essential for cardholders to choose a card that aligns with their spending habits to maximize the benefits. Minimum spending requirements and cashback caps may be applicable.

At the end of each billing period, the card issuer credits the cashback to the customer’s account, which can be redeemed as cash, statement credits, or other benefits as specified by the card issuer. If an individual seeks a straightforward card that provides cashback benefits on everyday purchases, a cashback credit card would be a suitable choice.

Rewards Credit Card

As its name suggests, a rewards credit card offers cardholders reward points on eligible purchases. Reward points are typically credited to the customer’s account on a rolling basis – cardholders can expect the earned points to be reflected in their accounts as soon as an eligible transaction goes through. Cardholders can typically redeem their reward points through the issuing bank’s or partner merchants’ redemption portals for exciting privileges like travel benefits, exclusive discounts with partner airlines and hotels, and cash rebates, e-vouchers, and gift cards.

Individuals must consider their spending habits to make an informed choice between a cashback credit card and a rewards credit card. People who prefer hassle-free redemption can opt for a cashback credit card, while those who prefer to redeem their reward points for a wide variety of benefits can apply for a rewards credit card. To maximize the benefits of day-to-day expenses, an individual who already has a rewards card may consider a cashback card that covers spending categories not included in the existing card.  The market is full of cashback and rewards credit card options, each with specific benefits and features. It is advisable for individuals to weigh their options and select a credit card that aligns with their lifestyle and shopping preferences.

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