Citibank – What makes Citi Credit Cards the finest for lounge access in the UAE?


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DUBAI, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — Airport lounges are known for the comfort and exclusivity they offer. They serve as a sanctuary amidst chaotic airports, where individuals can unwind, refresh, and prepare for their next wanderlust or business venture. From plush seating areas to delectable refreshments and high-speed internet, airport lounges are the perfect places to relax or work before travelers begin their next journey. However, airport lounges often come with a hefty price tag. Thus, many travelers yearn for a more accessible way to experience the benefits of airport lounges. Here, Citi Credit Cards can come in handy as they provide cardholders with complimentary access to luxury airport lounges at domestic and international destinations. Offering an array of exclusive airport lounge access benefits, Citi Credit Cards elevate cardholders’ travel experiences during their vacations and business ventures.

Airport lounges are exclusive and comfortable spaces within airports where travelers can rest before they board their flight. Here are some examples of what travelers can expect in airport lounges:

  • Complimentary food and beverages
  • Free internet access to stay connected and work while waiting for a flight
  • Complimentary access to conference rooms and workstations
  • Access to complimentary television, newspaper, and magazines
  • Access to additional lounge services like restrooms, spa and massage services, and luxurious seating

Accessing airport lounges can be costly; however, there is a way to enjoy this service for free with a Citi Credit Card. Citi provides a variety of credit cards that offer airport lounge access to their cardholders. For frequent travelers, a Citi Credit Card with airport lounge access can help save money and make travels more pleasant.

How to get lounge access through Citi bank credit cards?

Citi Credit Cards offer access to more than 1,100 airport lounges at domestic and international destinations, making it easy for cardholders to relax and enjoy their time in the airport before they fly. Here are some steps one needs to follow to avail of complimentary access to airport lounges with a Citi Credit Card:

  • One needs to apply for a Citi Credit Card that offers complimentary airport lounge access. Multiple Citi Credit Cards offer this benefit, so one should choose a card that meets their needs.
  • Once the application is approved and the card is issued, one needs to register their Citi Credit Card on the MasterCard Travel Pass app. The MasterCard Travel Pass app is a mobile app allowing an individual to access participating airport lounges worldwide.
  • Once the card is registered, cardholders can present the MasterCard Travel Pass app at the entrance of any participating airport lounge and enjoy a comfortable time there.

Citi Credit Cards make one’s air travel experience more comfortable and luxurious by providing unlimited complimentary access to over 1,100 airport lounges worldwide. Primary and supplementary cardholders of specific cards are also entitled to bring one additional guest each per visit. With Citi Credit Cards, the luxury of airport lounges comes within reach for all, transforming how people navigate airports and making their journeys more comfortable and productive. Apply for a Citi Credit Card with airport lounge access today!

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