Dhahab Sports aims to become the Biggest Web 3.0 Marketplace in the Sector

Dhahab Sports and Al Matiya directors meet at DHCC Suhur 2023.
Dhahab Sports and Al Matiya directors meet at DHCC Suhur 2023.

Dubai, UAE – (ARAB NEWSWIRE) — About 1 year ago the Dhahab Sports utility token started its journey, since then, it has conquered unprecedented milestones in the blockchain. The most important and outstanding one is the fact that it gained utility even before launching when it entered into a 3-year partnership with the Al Matiya Club of the United Arab Emirates.

Imagine being able to buy tickets to matches and events, as well as club merchandise and services! All of this is possible with the unprecedented partnership between Dhahab Sports and Al Matiya Club, the first one in the UEA.

The token has launched on Latoken Exchange and Pancakeswap and now it’s time to move forward, strengthening the project even more and this time, just 10 days after launching, the project was launched at BKex with a wonderful daily volume of +700K USD, and there are 2 more exchanges in negotiation.

Jacqueline Serpa, the Dhahab Sports Marketing Manager presents the company's ecosystem
Jacqueline Serpa, the Dhahab Sports Marketing Manager presents the company’s ecosystem.

As everyone knows, crypto market is extremely competitive and that is why Dhahan Sports has created an ecosystem that will revolutionize the way fans, clubs and businessmen relate to athletes. This marketplace will decentralize this process, making everything more dynamic and attractive.

Furthermore, this will be the first sports marketplace where users can literally negotiate with an athlete, be it for a marketing contract, for a season or competitions. Initially it will open its activities encompassing soccer, in addition to Al Matiya Club the project also has a partnership with Flamengo Fut7, but following the vision of democratizing and revolutionizing the sport, in a short time they plan to cover all sports.

But Dhahab Sports will not stop, in the blockchain the project not only is solidifying its presence by getting listed in big exchanges, but after partnering with We List, a company specialized in listing projects in many big exchanges, Dhahab Sports makes one more step towards creating the biggest decentralized marketplace in the world.

What started with a vision of becoming the biggest sports marketplace in the world is about to become the biggest marketplace with a hodgepodge of options, opening this new facet with a partnership that will shake medical business sector.

By accepting $DHS as a payment method, Skinaura is staying ahead of technological and financial trends, offering more options for its customers to transact safely and efficiently. Skinaura believes that the addition of $DHS as a payment method will provide a more accessible and convenient shopping experience for its customers.

Skinaura, a leading provider of high quality hospital equipment, is one of Dhahab Sports partner in the medical sector, opening a new window for operations.

With branches in several countries including UAE, England, Egypt, Turkey and many more, Skinaura is committed to providing state-of-the-art healthcare solutions to meet the needs of its customers across the globe.

The Dhahab Sports team is excited to announce these new partnerships and look forward to continuing to deliver high-quality and innovative solutions to their customers around the world.

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