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Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

Healthy Foods to Gain Weight

There is a lot of nutrition and diet advice that is geared toward those who want to lose weight, but if you are already too thin, you may be at a loss as to how to gain weight. Choose high-calorie meals that offer energy and develop muscle strength without all of the bad fats that might do you injury rather than attempting to stuff yourself with massive amounts of sweet, rich, or fatty foods. This will have a far better effect on your body.

This article contains the best food items that are healthy and easily available in your local market:


Bananas might become your closest buddy if you’re constantly seeking strategies to gain weight in a healthy way and are always looking for new ways to do it. They are a fantastic supply of carbs as well as calories, both of which may assist you in naturally gaining weight. There are more than hundred calories and twenty seven grams of carbohydrates in a single banana that is of medium size.


When compared to immature bananas, fully ripe bananas have a higher concentration of sugar. When trying to pack on the pounds, eating bananas should always consist of those that are completely ripe. If you have diabetes, you need try to avoid eating bananas that are ripe or overripe since they might cause an increase in your blood sugar.

Banana is an ingredient that many people include in their post-workout smoothies. It not only restores the energy you’ve lost but also satisfies the hunger pangs you’ve been experiencing.

Dried Fruits:

A high-calorie snack, dried fruit also delivers an array of health benefits in the form of antioxidants and minerals.

You may choose from a wide variety of dried fruits, and they all have a naturally high concentration of sugar in their bodies. Because of this, they are fantastic for putting on weight, and the fact that they are also delicious and easy to consume is icing on the cake.

Dried Fruits

In spite of the widespread belief that drying causes fruits to lose the majority of their nutritional value, this is not the case. Dried fruits maintain the majority of the vitamins and minerals that they had when they were fresh, in addition to their high fiber content.

Experiment with mixing some dried fruit with a source of protein, such as cheese, pork, or a whey protein shake. This may be a tasty and interesting way to get your daily dose of essential amino acids. They also go nicely with almonds and plain full-fat Greek yogurt, which provides a combination of nutritious fats, protein, and other important components.

Dates are an excellent source of nutrition due to their high fiber content and high level of antioxidants. They may be used in a variety of ways and are easy to make as a snack that is heavy in calories. On its own, only two dates provide the equivalent of around 130 calories.


It’s worth a shot to try stuffing dates with nut butter, cream cheese, or perhaps even baked grains such rice or quinoa. A hint of sweetness may be achieved by using one or two dates in smoothies, sauces, and dressings.


For many decades, those who want to acquire weight or muscle have turned to drink milk. It offers a healthy proportion of proteins, carbohydrates, and fats, and it is an excellent source of calcium in addition to a variety of other vitamins and minerals.

Milk is a great source of protein since it contains both casein and whey proteins, which are essential for individuals who want to pack on more muscle. Even more, studies have shown that when paired with resistance training, it may assist in the building of muscle.

In addition, research has shown that milk, or a combination of whey and casein present in milk, may result in higher muscle growth than other types of protein sources. If you are trying to lower your weight, you may want to have a snack of one or two cups of whole milk, which has 149 calories per cup and can be consumed with meals, before and after workouts, or on its own.

Smoothies made with milk are yet another delectable method for incorporating milk into your diet. Blend together one cup of frozen berries, one cup of whole milk, two teaspoons of honey, and one teaspoon of vanilla extract for a quick and simple way to get more protein in the morning.

Milk 2

Protein Bar:

Protein bars are a best way to boost your calorie and protein consumption at the same time. Protein is very significant since it is what your body needs in order to build lean muscle mass.

Drugstores that have a department dedicated to fitness supplements often have a variety of high-calorie protein bars. Although there are many who choose protein bars over protein shakes, the former has a greater propensity to be extra-rich in whey, which has the effect of making you feel filled more quickly.

Don’t make the common error of substituting protein bars for meals as you would need a real meal. If you do that, you won’t consume enough calories to meet your needs. Instead, put them in a convenient location like your handbag, desk, or laptop bag so that you can easily seize them for a snack at lunch.


The avocado has a significant amount of monounsaturated fatty acids. In addition, they are rich in fiber, potassium, and vitamin K. Because avocados contain more than 200 calories per fruit, eating them is a great method to increase caloric intake without compromising on nutrients.


4 Slice avocados and add them to sandwiches, or create guacamole and serve it with tortilla chips that have been cooked. Tacos or burritos with a soft shell may also have guacamole spread on top of them.

You could also try incorporating avocado into your go-to smoothie recipe by using this handy hack. The taste is not overpowering and works well when combined with other components such as berries or chocolate.

Healthy Oils:

It is simple to increase the total number of calories in your meal by increasing the amount of fat that is present, but you should be careful to choose healthy fats and oils wherever possible.

Olive oil is high in heart-healthy mono-unsaturated fats, and adding it to foods like pasta, bread, or vegetables may boost both the number of calories and the taste. Canola oil is an excellent, versatile cooking oil because it has a high concentration of omega-3 fatty acids and monounsaturated fats.

Healthy Oils

Walnut and grape seed oils have a milder taste and are excellent choices for dressing salads due to their versatility.


Rice is one of the best sources of carbohydrates that are crucial to the process of gaining weight since it is both easy and inexpensive. Rice is a carbohydrate and calorie-rich meal, which means that a single serving of rice may provide you with both carbohydrates and calories. Rice has around 200 calories in one cup, which may lead to weight gain and contribute to obesity.


Rice is a versatile grain that may be served with a variety of curry dishes and vegetables that are rich in protein. It is the simplest approach to enhance flavor while also providing an increase in calories and protein content.

Fish Oil:

Salmon and various other fatty fish are filled with the vital fatty acids and nutrients that the body needs. They not only help you acquire weight but also strengthen your immune system. The omega-3 found in these fishes is the best source available, and it plays a key role in gaining weight.

Salmon may be prepared in a different ways, such as smoked salmon, fish that is steamed, and fish that is fried.

Whole Grain Bread:

Bread made with whole grains is a superb source of carbohydrates, which means that eating it will cause you to gain weight. When served with sources of protein like eggs, meat, and cheese, they have the potential to create a meal that is well balanced.

Whole Grain Bread

The sourdough starter contains living, beneficial bacteria that provide food for bacteria already present in the stomach that may help improve the immune system.


Your nutritionist may recommend whole eggs for you to eat if you want to gain weight since they are an excellent source of proteins, calcium, and healthy fats. They are readily accessible foods that assist in the growth of muscle. Because the egg yolk is so nutritious, it is imperative that you consume the whole egg.


There are a wide variety of meals and substances on the market that may assist you in putting on weight. Pick high-calorie meals that offer energy and grow muscle mass without all of the bad fats that might do you injury rather than attempting to stuff yourself with masses of sweet or fatty foods. Instead, choose foods that are rich in calories but do not increase muscle mass.


The key to successfully gaining weight is to consume on a continuous basis more calories than you expend via physical activity.

Weight lifting is also essential because it enables the body to convert the excess calories it receives from meals and snacks with a high-calorie content into muscle rather than storing them as fat.

Include the items on this list in mealtimes and meal planning that you look forward to and feel like you can maintain for an extended period of time.

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