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Is It Tough to Lose Weight in 30s?

Weight Loss

If you have already touched your 30 and suddenly have become conscious of your body, then you are not alone. Many of us find it a breeze to maintain a healthy weight in our 20s, but as you age, you may start putting on some pounds and losing some of your stamina. Maintaining waist to hip ratio becomes tougher. Why does that happen? We are going to learn the causes in detail below.

The Body Undergoes Natural Changes:

As you age, your body also ages. Many vital factors change, such as hormone levels. In men, the decrease in testosterone may contribute to gaining weight. On the other hand, estrogen dis-balance in females can cause disorders like PCOD, leading to weight gain. Many people also have other dis-balances in the body, such as thyroid, and tend to gain weight if it is not checked regularly. Also, the body’s insulin resistance changes over time, and the body’s inability to deal with glucose increases with age. This affects our waistline and metabolism.

Your Lifestyle May Contribute to It:

In the 20s, most of us live a carefree life with no responsibilities, hence low-stress levels, more self-care, and better mental health. As you reach your 30s, your responsibility increases, which pushes you to focus on your career more. Somewhere you stop prioritizing your health and start focusing on all the other things, which makes it tough to stay in shape. As stress increases, you tend to snack more and become less active. Your insulin starts spiking as you eat frequently and degrading its sensitivity. Extra snacking converts to fat as you never give your body any chance to use the existing fuel. Walking down this terrible path leads to physical and mental health issues.

A study has shown that as you grow older, you become less active. In fact, adults are 29% less active than young people. This further reduces your body’s ability to burn calories. Aiming to burn maximum calories during the workout session is excellent, but what you burn throughout the day also counts and helps you stay lean. Hence, focus on moving more throughout the day.

How to Kick-Start Your Metabolism in Your 30s?

There is no magic fix to bring up your metabolism, but making lifestyle changes may help nudge it a bit. The lower metabolism can be brought up with a rich protein diet that helps burn fat. Drinking more water also helps to bring your metabolism up. Increased muscle mass is one such parameter that will help higher the metabolism; hence, do not forget to add strength training to your workout sessions. Joining a well-equipped gym like Gymnation may help you move towards your goal easily. And one parameter which affects metabolism the most is your sleep cycle. Get 8 hours of sleep daily to give your body enough rest and function at its peak.

The Bottom Line:

Losing weight in your 30s is indeed more challenging than when you were younger, but it is not impossible. You just need to be mindful of your choices and have patience. East a balanced diet, sleep well, drink plenty of water and ensure you work out daily.

Weight loss is not a short-term but a long journey that can only happen and be sustained through true lifestyle changes.

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