Famous sailing destinations in UAE

The United Arab Emirates is home to some of the most extraordinary locations that are perfect for going on a yachting trip. If you are a tourist or are a resident of the region, you must know the famous sailing destinations present in the UAE. To help you find these locations, we have provided you with an elaborate list of places that you must visit on a yacht.

Top 7 sailing destinations you must visit in the UAE

A large number of tourists visiting the UAE are constantly looking for new and exciting ways to enhance their vacation. Being present in the region, allows you the access to several different destinations you can visit on a luxurious yacht.

This is perhaps the main reason why Dubai yacht charter services have skyrocketed in the region. With attractive prices and a selection of yachts, travellers find it convenient to sail to their favourite destinations on a rental yacht.

Let’s find out which are the 10 most desirable sailing destinations present in and around the UAE.

  1. Palm Jumeirah, Dubai
  2. The World Islands, Dubai
  3. Dubai Marina, Dubai
  4. Al Reem, Abu Dhabi
  5. Al Marina, Abu Dhabi
  6. Deira Island, Dubai
  7. La Mer, Dubai

Palm Jumeirah, Dubai

Hands down, the Palm Jumeirah, is the most incredible man-made structure ever built. The idea of creating a man-made island the size of Palm Jumeirah, seemed unrealistic. But, Dubai is popularly known to make the impossible possible. Hence, they succeeded in building Palm Island, which is now home to 18,000 residents.

Apart from being a residential island, the Palm Jumeirah is also known for its extraordinary selection of hotels and resorts. What’s impressive is that, though the island is accessible by road, a majority of travellers choose to reach the island on private boats or yachts.

Therefore, if you are looking to sail to one of the best places in the UAE, the Palm Jumeirah is the place to visit.

The World Islands, Dubai

Challenging the possibility of building man-made islands, Dubai attempted another incredibly herculean task of building a set of islands that replicated the world map. A cluster of 300 islands form the world map while seen from aerial view.

This was one of Dubai’s mega projects. But, unfortunately due to the financial crisis in 2008, the entire project had come to a halt. Having said that, some of these islands have been purchased and developed into world-class hotels. You must also know that these islands are only accessible by water.

Hence, the World Islands, Dubai have become extremely popular among sailing enthusiasts.

Dubai Marina, Dubai

Dubai is known for its tourism. Hence, the region has built several different forms of upscale neighbourhoods to house the wealthy and famous individuals. One such ultra rich neighbourhood is the Dubai Marina.

It is considered amongst the richest neighbourhoods in the world and is populated with a large number of western residents and tourists. From a selection of continental restaurants to state-of-the-art berths, the facilities provided in this region are worth mentioning.

Most yacht rental companies in the region have their yachts docked at the Dubai Marina, making it the central hub for yachting enthusiasts. Therefore, you must visit Dubai Marina to enjoy a pleasant cruising experience.

Al Reem, Abu Dhabi

Off the coast of Abu Dhabi, Al Reem is another island destination that you must visit while in the UAE. There are a range of different activities you can enjoy and experience at the island.

Some of the most well-known activities the island is known for include, Stand-up paddle boarding, kayaking, sports centre, and yoga. You can also dine at some of the finest restaurants located on the island. Imagine experiencing all this, after travelling on a luxurious yacht.

Al Marina, Abu Dhabi

A short distance away from the central city of Abu Dhabi is the Al Marina islands. The island consists of a number of different resorts and shopping malls, making it the perfect place for travellers to sail to. One of the most well known properties on the island is Rixos Marina Abu Dhabi. The island supports a massive hub for docking of yachts of all sizes and capacities.

Deira Island, Dubai

Another island property built by the visionaries in Dubai, could unfortunately not reach its desired outcome. The island was initially planned to be the biggest of the three palm island projects. However, due to the financial crisis in 2008, the entire project was brought to a complete stop.

Having said that, the amount of land that was created is being occupied by restaurants and resorts, attracting more visitors to the island. In fact, as per reports the island is all set to be completely developed with residential properties and high-end hotels.

La Mer, Dubai

Present parallel to the Jumeirah strip, La Mer, consists of incredibly popular beach front properties and other entertainment amenities. The region can easily be accessed by road, but a large number of travellers prefer travelling on their rental yachts. There are several major attractions present at La Mer. Not to mention, the wide range of beach front restaurants.

How can I travel to these destinations in the UAE?

You can travel to the above mentioned destinations in a yacht. Perhaps, if you are a tourist visiting the region, you can certainly charter a yacht from a selection of different yacht rental companies. Renting a yacht in the UAE is simple and inexpensive.

Moreover, the number of other facilities provided in inclusion of your yacht rental package, will enable you to have a joyful sailing experience. So, travel to any of the aforementioned locations today in a luxury yacht.

United Arab Emirates: Sail to the most extraordinary locations

From all the places that we have mentioned above, we hope to have spiked your excitement to visit any of the aforementioned destinations. You can travel to these exotic locations around the UAE, in the comfort of a luxury yacht. Make sure to follow our guide to enjoy a pleasant visit and stay in the region.

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